Mini Review: Weird Loners

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The new FOX comedy “Weird Loners,” definitely is try to find it’s voice, but its worth sticking around for the six episodes. With collaboration with the creators of both “The King of Queens” and “New Girl,” “Weird Loners” is attempting to to blend the two distinctly different shows; an east coast sensibility of King of Queens with the ensemble of New Girl.

The show stars Becki Newton of “Ugly Betty”, Nate Torrance “Hello Ladies”, Torrance Knight “Happy Endings” and Meera Rohit Kumbhani “Black Box”. As four New Yorkers living in Queens brought together just because they are practically weird around everyone else Caryn (Newton) is a commitment phobe, Stosh (Knight) likes women, ENGAGED women. While Eric (Torrance) is emotionally stunted, he has always stayed with his parents to the point that he has very little contact with anyone and to top it off, he was the only one at the funeral of his dad until Stosh showed up. Zara (Kumbhani) on the other hand seems to be the most mature on the surface, but she also has commitment issues, and just ends relationships with the drop of a hat.

With Stosh out of a job and his company-owned condo (he slept with his bosses’ fiance) and Zara without a home the four are now living in a pair of adjoining row-houses. it appears that show gets off to a rocky start but I will have to get back with a follow up in a few weeks to see if the show stands up but this is what I could come up with in one episode. If only I was on the A.V. Club…