The First graphic is called “512 Paths to the White House, it was a graphic in the New York Times about the potential ways for both the canidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney could win/retain the White House It’s sort of a journalistc game in which a person gets to pick and choose to see how the election would go with these possiblities. Most of the outcomes, 431 to be exact favored Obama compared to the 76 ways for Romney to win, the rest were ties (5). The graphic used a graph of sorts but its weakness is the graph is misleading sine you have to follow down the lines, but you can control the outcome up top by picking a state up above. The graphic which used less words and relied on the graphic itself could have used better explanation but it worked well enough

 The second Graphic is Called “All the medalists” It was a graphic that was a simulation, using video as well as having a graphic that plotted out the olympic year the runner ran and how many meters he was behind the recent Olympic winner of the 100 meter dash Usain Bolt. The video explained and compared the times of some of the runners such as Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis to Bolt as well as the average speed of some of runners in the U.S. over the years by data given by an amatuer athelthic assocation.  It is not a fever chart it uses dots rather than lines or bars its more of a scatter plot of sorts. Which couyld be its one weakness since there is no line of sorts to give us the average number from the first runner in 1896 to Bolt’s in 2012 but since it is a comparative it not needed the video also teachers you one thing. Despite Bolt being faster due to better diets footwear and track he’s only faster by a mere three seconds.