The Gentleman’s Agreement

So I was looking on NPR’s Studio 360 show which is about the arts and how it can relate to general world. I stumbled upon one of its segments called ‘Aha moments’. In this segment the subject says that a form of media such as a film, song, or piece of artwork changed their way of thinking. The subject, Susan Evans was trying to deal with her family’s ‘causal racism’, it made her very uncomfortable. She found this film called the Gentleman’s Agreement, on TV and it helped her deal with the issue.

What stuck out for me was the ‘Aha’ moment, when Ms. Evans found parallels between herself and the female lead of the character played by that couldn’t stand up for herself and call out the person making racial insensitive jokes. It is through silence both the female character and Ms. Evans, realize that allows racist statements to persist. It is from that scene which you hear in the segment, she decided to stand up for herself, call her family out on the issue and miraculously it worked.

The format of the piece was like an interview but edited so it was if she was giving the testimony herself, it also used audio clips from the film to help clarify for listeners her connection to the film. The story is narrated by what sounds like the host of the show but for the most part it is Ms. Evan’s story and it is told from her perspective.

I found that the writing for the blog was easy and quicker to write than a full paper. I did find it hard to tell how long you had been writing, since there is no word count or how many words you are misspelling. I did find it interesting that you can try to summarize an audio piece of your choice which was the tricky part.


Post-Script: Hopefully we will all find out ‘aha’ moment to combat or own private battles against racism and someday as one of the characters from the film says that she would love to see all free people live in peace